Märchen und Legenden // Aschenbrödel und Gänsemagd

Freie Arbeiten für eine Ausstellung und Postkarten!

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9 Kommentare zu „Märchen und Legenden // Aschenbrödel und Gänsemagd“

  1. Candace Trew Camling:

    These are lovely characterizations! I love the style and their rosy cheeks!

  2. murphy girl:

    very lovely ladies!

  3. Mary:

    Great stylisation, really charming.

  4. claudine hellmuth:

    lovely illos!!

  5. Diana Evans:

    these are very sweet…love the detail on their outfits…great work…


  6. kiki [hei]:

    Great illustrations!!! Very beautiful girls!! Especially the dresses!!! These are so excellent!!!

  7. Siukwan:

    Adorable characters indeed! I love them all!!!

  8. platitudinal:

    Love the different fairy tale heroines. They all have their own distinct characters … marvelous job in making each one of them unique!

  9. Iris:

    Thank you all very, very much!