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Screen Prints // Souvenirs

Iris Luckhaus Illustration Souvenirs

I had a little time in between and tried some new styles with old poses. It’s so much fun to work a little rougher and with only two colours! And to think about screen prints… (more…)

Bullshit Bingo for AOK Magazines // Canteen and Flat Share

Iris Luckhaus Illustration Grafik Bullshit Bingo Kantine

I designed two pages of Bullshit Bingo for the AOK magazines onJOB and onUNI, for the topics canteen (onJOB) and flat share (onUNI). That was great fun, and I’d like to thank Dani from their agency WDV for the really nice collaboration! (more…)

Update // Fresh work in my Portfolio

Iris Luckhaus Preview Index

After a long time, I refreshed my Online Portfolio again with several very many new and reworked illustrations – and it’s all a little nicer, newer and fancier!

Retro // Secretary

Iris Luckhaus Illustration Büroarbeit    Iris Luckhaus Illustration Büroarbeit

In between illustration about classic office work I cleaned, coloured and furnished lately – and somehow it all of a sudden became a series! (more…)