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Portraits // Heroines I


Small series of heroines, strangers and faces I just find beautiful for some reason – inspired by vintage fashion magazines and one of my albums on Pinterest. (more…)

Just published // Breakfast Board for EmpaTrain

I just received my specimens of the breakfast boards I designed for EmpaTrain this spring– and they are beautiful! They will be available for purchase online later on – as soon as I know more, I’ll post the links. (more…)

Breakfast Board for EmpaTrain

I just finished this breakfast board design for EmpaTrain, a German company that specialized in nonviolent communication and mediation and is mostly based on empathy. As a symbol for empathy, the giraffe was supposed to becenter of this design. Subtitle: “Empathy means understanding each other without words” (more…)

Making Of // Christmas and New Year’s Card

This is how my christmas card evolved: from snippety sketches (above) to the straightened pose, development of background and details, and the full layout in progress. (more…)