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Fashion Drawing // Little Dresses

Iris Luckhaus Fashion Illustration

Little series of little dresses, inspired by a pile of old fashion magazines. (more…)

Character Design for Tiny Lily II

Reworked character designs that might become a children’s book. (more…)

Fairytale Girls // Curiosity

Next to some awesome new projects I am not supposed to talk about yet, I started experimenting with new styles again last month, very different from my usual, very time consuming outlines. So, this is the new version of an old fairytale page I meant to rework for ages. (more…)

Making Of // 52 Aces Reloaded // Queen of Hearts

After writing a bit about research and reasons in the post about my Queen of Hearts I made two weeks ago for the 52 Aces Reloaded poker deck by Zeixs, I would now like to show some of my decision boards and part of the evolution of this card. (more…)