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Anthologien // IO Sedbook 2013

Today, the freshly printed very first IO Sedbook by the Illustratoren Organisation arrived in my mailbox, and I’m on a double page filed under “Style und Fashion”! (more…)

Features // Filu im Slanted Blog

A very nice article about the Filu Archiv is published in the Slanted Blog by today – and they show our Lily Lux as a sample work, out of this whole, huge archive of illustrations… we’re very happy!

Anthologies // Zeixs Cube “Illustration II”

After receiving the Zeixs Cube “Poster Design II”, I found the “Illustration II” in my mailbox today – it contains splendid twelve(!!!) pages with my girls, some of them unpublished scenes from Lily Lux… Thank you very much, Marc!!! (more…)

Anthologies // Zeixs Cube “Poster Design II”

Today, I found the stunningly beautiful Zeixs Cube “Poster Design II” in my mailbox – and there are eight(!!!) pages showing my work, including some so far unpublished illustrations from the wonderful world of Lily Lux, posters for made-up trademarks and events… many thanks to Marc, I am very happy about this book!!! (more…)