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Crafting with Lily Lux // Advent Calendar

After the simple, two-dimensional Do it yourself advent calendar we made with Lily Lux last year (including a detailed instruction how to fill in your own images) was such a success, the pdf is available for download again this year. In the picture above, you can see how the calendar looks when it is filled. Have fun! (more…)

Tiny People // Merry Go Round

Iris Luckhaus Illustration Merry Go Round


Hide and Seek // Tiny People // Sunday Excursion

Right now, I am working on a wonderful and very challenging project for the Wimmelbuchverlag, for which I am drawing very different from my usual style and that will probably be released as a Hide and Seek book next year. Until then, I’d like to show little scenes and excerpts every now and then – and this is where it starts!

Wedding Design in pictures

Is there anything nicer than clients being so overwhelmingly happy about their freshly printed stationary that they make a little photoshooting with it – and send me the pictures? Thank you!!! (more…)