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Screen Prints // Souvenirs

Iris Luckhaus Illustration Souvenirs

I had a little time in between and tried some new styles with old poses. It’s so much fun to work a little rougher and with only two colours! And to think about screen prints… (more…)

Retro // Secretary

Iris Luckhaus Illustration Büroarbeit    Iris Luckhaus Illustration Büroarbeit

In between illustration about classic office work I cleaned, coloured and furnished lately – and somehow it all of a sudden became a series! (more…)

Seascape III // Diving in

Those girls are a lot of fun to draw right now (especially as the hair is completely black and I don’t have to draw the usual strands which look pretty but are a terrible lot of work) – slowly this is becoming a series, and maybe prints at some point? (more…)

Seestück II // Coquetry

I just started to scan some of my small, simple in between sketches and to try out some new styles… which is great, great fun. (more…)